Carbon Inequities ignored

Global Carbon Inequities ignored by OECD members in deciding on their national priorities

  1. World’s richest 10% produce half of Carbon emissions while poorest 50% account for just 10%. The poorest 10% with lowest carbon footprints are most threatened by catastrophic storms, droughts, floods, mudslides etc.
  2. Global Warming is here and accepted by 195 countries in Paris agreement under COP21. Let us ignore KOCH brothers and their OIL industry PROFIT BEFORE PLANET SOLD OUT SOULS. One would expect global warming to have more impact on the already warm tropics.
  3. A person from richest 1% uses about 200 times more Carbon than a person from bottom 10%.

Global Carbon Inequities:

  1. India’s rich 10% use only quarter of the America’s poorest half.
  2. Poorest half of Indian population on average use only 1/20th of America’s poorest half.
  3. China’s poor 600 million use only1/3 of America’s rich 10% – about 30 million people.

Our planet responds to each and every CO2 particle does not matter where it comes from. Planet responds to total number of  CO2 particles in our sky. They represent the total historical Carbon footprints of all nations, people & natural events like forest fires, volcanic eruptions & melting of frozen [CH4] methane or your backyard BBQ or your bad habits like smoking highly priced cigars etc.

Rich high emitters should be held accountable for their much larger historical Carbon footprints compared to the new addicts of Carbon who look to the high emitters as a model to be aspired to. The sustainable are aspiring to follow the unsustainable ways of the rich , but there is no room on the sky without causing further aggravating global warming and its consequences.

Post WWII, world saw land decolonisation of Africa, Asia and South American countries¬†from the clutches of European colonialism. Focussed on land decolonisation, we missed the SKY-COLONIALISM and its new challenge of Global Warming and Climate Change. The persistence of CO2 and powerful CH4 cannot be wished away, but the addition to it must be reduced as fast as possible by the habitual historical Carbon consumers of OECD’s wasteful consumer habits.

Interesting insights are found in my book “Climate Change in the Nuclear Age”. My book has a few footnotes unlike most academic writings. As Future has no footnotes and I am more interested in our uncertain precarious possibly cataclysmic common future rather than our violent warring exploitative dead past of colonialism and colonial habits of inequality that still does not allow us to proceed without violence and some sense of democratic equality.

We need to struggle through these economic, environmental & unethical chains of our unequal history of undemocratic rule, indentured labour & slavery too! Slavery? Yes Slavery is still alive as the call for “BLACK LIVES MATTER” starkly reminds us!