Problems of Nuclear Age

It is indeed an irony that Paris, France which is largely powered by nuclear power was chosen to host the CLIMATE CHANGE – CONFERENCE OF PARTIES – COP21 dealing with problems of the Carbon, but missing completely the dangers of Uranium. Was it a pass given to the nuclear industry by the nuclear powered VETO nations of the Security Council. Choosing one of them itself is a handicap for neutral grounds in a world endangered for almost 70 years by a technology, that is not possible to repair when it fails for 5 years as FUKUSHIMA, Japan has proven since March 11, 2011.

At TORONTO’S G8/G20 Summit the old sky-colonising power’s gluttony won over CLIMATE CHANGE

 100119- Gas tax at bike union

The high Carbon footprint of North America & Europe is never in question, but the historical advantage of centuries old economic imperialism allowed to throw some crumbs at tropical sustainable countries to  meet the effects of rising sea level and ferocious storms. Not that it is not necessary, but the main problem of past and continuing high consumption of OECD nations goes unchallenged. It is said that the 1 Billion car drivers add more to climate change disasters than the rest of the 6 Billions. The rich and fat 1 Billion are not ready to accept Progressive Gas Tax, as they have been undercutting the long accepted Progressive Income Tax. EQUALITY is a receding hope on the global horizon!

If Progressive Income Tax was acceptable with Soviet Union in competition, then why can we not start with Progressive Gas Tax to get a handle on Climate Change, now that we have global agreement of 195 nations? It is about time the belt tightening begins with the largest polluters in the order in which they are listed according to their Carbon footprint.

What is your Carbon footprint? Whatever it is, you must try to reduce it! NOW!